Daily Reports

  • Record behavior, diet, enrichment, medical treatment, projects, training, and weather
  • Instantly record notes from the field
  • Calendar view offers clear and concise snapshot

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Animal Inventory

  • Catalog animals using acquisition info, physical characteristics, breeding status, and more
  • 100% customizable sections
  • Fast and flexible search tools

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  • Capture measurements for animals, medical records, and sections or enclosures
  • Customize what you want to measure, from basic items like animal weights to more specialized items like water tank turbidity or oxygen levels
  • Powerful reporting and charting tools

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Medical Records

  • Track everything from routine vaccinations to diagnostics, treatments, and neonate feedings
  • Weights & measurements
  • Comprehensive reporting

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Simple and highly customizable

Section Management

Section Management

  • Build your own areas, sections, sub-sections, or enclosures
  • Simple drag and drop, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor
  • Restructure without affecting historical data
  • Make a mistake? Roll back, no problem!



  • Define your own colors and text
  • Applicable to
    • Animals
    • Sections & Enclosures
    • Medical Records
    • Daily Reports
    • Vendors & Businesses
    • Or all of the above
  • Easy to identify at first glance


Daily Report Calendar

  • Easily see what you missed over the weekend or vacation
  • Color-coded to show important or critical events
  • Combine with labels to create a powerful search tool

Custom Lists

Custom Lists

  • No more long lists of values you never use!
  • Nearly all drop-down lists are instantly customizable
  • Define everything from animal identifiers to breeding statuses

Access from anywhere on any device


Mobile and convenient


Quick notes on the go

Laptop / Desktop

Clear and simple web interface

Secure cloud hosting at an affordable price

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