AnimalCare® Overview

AnimalCare® is a simple and flexible way to manage animals in human care. The app provides a secure, private, cloud-based recordkeeping system that is modular and highly customizable at an economical price. AnimalCare® was created through a partnership between career-long Animal Care Professionals and Information Technology Experts in database and web development. AnimalCare® is intended to be used by your entire organization, from the Director to the front line Animal Care Staff.

Going Digital

Many facilities still record animal care daily reports on spreadsheets or even paper. Going digital greatly reduces time spent entering, assessing and searching daily report information, allowing Animal Care Staff to quickly query information and identify trends.

For Example

AnimalCare® makes all of your digital records searchable. Suppose a member of your staff notices the Fennec Fox's coat seems to be thinning. That staff member is new to that section and has not seen this in the past. Staff can quickly and easily pull up past records related to the Fennec Fox and hair loss, to learn that it is a normal part of a seasonal shed for this animal.

Future Growth

The biggest advantage with AnimalCare® is that this is just the beginning. We are hard at work gathering feedback and planning future modules. Our goal is to provide the tools Animal Care Staff from the smallest to the largest facility need to provide the very best in care for their animals. We will grow together.